International Committee
for Ethnic Freedoms

A civilization is to be judged by its treatment of minorities
(Mahatma Gandhi)

IKEL was founded in 1978 with the aim of intervening in favour of minorities rights in the whole world. Respecting these rights is a question of fairness, because it sets all peoples on an equal footing without privileges and discriminations, and it is useful, because it can prevent wars. The basic document endorsed by IKEL is the Declaration for an Ethnistic Humanism. The Committee’s newsletter, Etnismo, is published three times a year and contains valuable information on ethnic topics. IKEL is a specialised association in the framework of UEA (Universal Esperanto Association).

IKEL Discussion Forum

Declaration for an Ethnistic Humanism

Etnismo online
Glossary of Ethnic Names in Esperanto (EEG)
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